A Note to CT Firefighters about “Just Cause” Legislation from the CSFA lobbyist at the State Capitol

CSFA Logo 2015A Note for CT Firefighters about “Just Cause” Legislation

Subject: Just Cause Legislation
Reply-To: T SCHROLL <thschroll@snet.net>
A little over a week ago, I asked specific Fire Chief officers to contact their local legislators to pass H. B. #6776, AN ACT CONCERNING JUST CAUSE DISMISSALS FOR MUNICIPAL FIRE CHIEFS out of the Planning & Development committee.  All I asked, did so, and we were successful.
Now I am back again.  You are the constituents for your elected officials.  You are the ones they work for.  You are the ones who provide for our success at the General Assembly.  I am fortunate to be the vehicle you use, but the legislators react to you.  The above mentioned bill is now on the House Calendar.  I have been informed that sometime within the next 3-4 days, this bill will be brought forth for passage.
For all you fire chiefs, used to be chiefs, wanna’ be chiefs, and any others who have an interest, I am asking once again for your assistance.  If you are able to support this issue, please contact your local legislators and ask them to vote YES on House Bill #6776.  This bill has to pass the House and then the Senate within a relatively few days (less than 3 weeks left).  So here’s what I am suggesting.  Everyone has a local Representative and a local Senator.  They don’t see each others mail.  If you put together one email and change the names, you can send the same email to both.  Simple.  They will never know the difference.
It does work.  When we/you did this for the Planning & Development committee, at least three legislators told me they voted our way because they were contacted by their local Fire Chief.  And at least 2 of the 3 would have been NO votes.  As I have stated on past issues, your email (yes an email, not a letter) need not be overly involved.  Just ask them to support passage of House Bill #6776.
I realized that I have not explained the bill.  For those not aware, a municipality must have a good reason (JUST CAUSE) to dismiss a Police Chief.  The same is NOT true to dismiss a Fire Chief.  You only need to be “given notice in writing of the specific grounds for such dismissal and an opportunity”…..for a hearing.  This legislation will provide that higher level of employment protection for you as a Fire Chief.  That is the simple explanation.  Some municipal authorities are opposed to this bill.  CCM is opposing it.  Some would like to REMOVE this protection for even the Police Chiefs.
Please support this legislation if you can.  It is important that this be accomplished within the next few days.  Once again, those who are able, please use any and all email trees you may control to make contact with as many of our peers as possible.  You may not be a Chief Officer now, but if you aspire to move in that direction, you could be protecting your future employment or position.
Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
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Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634
FAX 860 529-7106
CELL 860 402-3865
Primary Email  thschroll@snet.net
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