CSFA Legislative Update from Leon Collins, July 11, 2017


I have included below links to the most recent revised budget proposals from the House GOP just released today.

House GOP 4th Revised Budget

In short, the Regional Fire School operating budgets continue to be included in the proposal at the levels previously proposed by the House GOP representatives.








Most Recent Budget Proposal from Governor

The most recent proposed budget by Governor Malloy on May 15th is in the link below. As previously discussed, the governor’s budget eliminated funding for the Regional Fire Schools and also made additional cuts affecting the Fire Service.




We are still waiting for the House Democrats to release their revised budget and that may happen as early as Tuesday July 18th. We have heard that funding for the Regional Fire School will be included in the next proposal from the House Dems, but we have not yet seen that budget.

We will send out the House Dems’ budget as soon as we have access to it.


Governor Malloy Signs “Apparatus Bill” into Law

We should also report that Governor Malloy signed the “Apparatus Bill” (H.B. 7047) today. You can download and print a pdf file of the new law on the following link: Public Act 17-175

There is still no news on possible funding for “Cancer Bill” that was passed last year.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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