CSFA Legislative Update – March 11, 2014 from Ted Schroll, Jr. with House Bill Status Report



The 2014 legislative session continues.  New bills published this week include H.B. #5503, #5507, #5531, #5533, #5537, S.B. #386, #416, #426, #427, & #430.

Three more new bills are to be published tomorrow (Monday) morning, H.B. #5541, #5542, & S.B. #439.

Public Hearings next week:

3/10     Judiciary           S. B. #386

3/11     Public Safety    H. B. #5531, #5533, S.B. #426, #427, & #430.

3/14     Public Health    H. B. #5503, #5537, S. B. #416.

3/14     Plan & Dev.       H. B. #5507.

Of the new bills to be published tomorrow morning, 2 of them should be of special interest to the fire service.  H.B. #5542 is the bill that concerns the recommendations of the PSA Task Force.  It will have to watched closely.  It was originally thought that this bill would have a public hearing on 3/14, however the agenda for that hearing is published and the bill is not on that agenda.  For those with an interest, keep close contact with Mary-Ellen Harper for the latest.

The other bill that should be of special interest to the fire service is S. B. #439.  Section #1 of this bill could be interpreted as an attempt by the EMS Advisory Board to circumvent CGS 7-313 AUTHORITY OF A FIRE OFFICER.  This legislation has been discussed before.  This original legislation was instituted for a reason.  There can be only ONE Incident Commander at a fire/emergency scene.  It is definitely NOT in the best interest of the fire service to allow any attempt to “water down” the existing statute.  A public hearing has not been scheduled yet, but this could be the same day as the PSA bill.  We will need your input when the hearing occurs.

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