CSFA Legislative Update – March 21st, 2016 from Ted Schroll, Jr.

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CT House Bill Status Report from our Lobbyist Ted Scroll, Jr.



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CSFA House Bill Status Report March 21st, 2016

Many bills were JF’d (moved out) of committee this week.  One bill of particular interest is H. B. #5518.  This bill would place a surcharge on a persons homeowners or renters insurance of one half of one percent ( .5% ).  This sum would be used to fund the operating budgets for the regional Fire Training Schools.  The bill started with a 1% surcharge and after funding training, it could have been used to fund equipment purchases for fire departments.  A compromise was agreed to lower the surcharge to .5% and remove the portion that would fund equipment purchases.  The bill was then moved out of committee.
The group that is working on the firefighter cancer bill (H. B. #5262) is still meeting.  Some language has been studied, but not all are in agreement yet.  Hopefully we shall see some information within the 1-2 weeks.
One item I believe that I did not mention last week is H. B. #5544.  Similar to last year, this bill would require municipalities with a population of less than 40,000 and receives less than 12,000 E-911 calls per year would be required to consolidate PSAPs by 7/1/2020 or face a loss of E-911 Commission support, both equipment and funding.
Activity this past week:
H.B. #5274, #5365, #5406, #5411, #5412, #5463, #5518, #5546, S.B. #367, #388, & #423 were all JF’d out of their committees.
H. B. #5262 & S. B. #134 were placed on their respective calendars.
H.B. #5267, #5269, #5299, #5327, #5549, & S.B. #167 are expected on their respective calendars this coming week.
If any questions on any other bills, I am available by email.  Report will be separate.
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