CSFA Legislative Update: Revised Republican and Democrat Budgets

Revised Republican Budget Proposal

Here is the House Republican revised budget in three documents( House Republican Budget, House Republican Concessions and House Republican Revenue); see page 14 of “House Republican Budget.” Reductions appear in red ink. The other documents contain recommended concessions and revenue proposals.

Some of the reductions to highlight:
1. $2.3 million by enacting a 6 to 1 Supervisor ratio for Troopers.
2. $2 million by reducing OT
3. $2.7 million by cutting OE by 10%

They also restore funding to the Regional Fire Schools:

Other proposals carried over from their original budget proposal:
1. No more than one DC per agency
2. No more than one Exec. Sec. per agency
3. Consolidate Attorneys under AG’s office
4. Consolidate Human Resources in DAS
5. Consolidate Communications in OTG
6. Consolidate IT positions

Revised Democrat Budget Proposal

Here are links for a revised Democrat Budget summary and revised Democrat budget spreadsheet.



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