CSFA Officers and Committees 2016-2017

Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA) Officers

Executive Committee

  • Vaughan Dumas, President
  • Stephan D. Brown (Windsor Locks), First Vice-President
  • John Carew (West Haven), Second Vice-President
  • Gerald V. Schaffer (Mansfield Center), Secretary
  • William Coffey (Danbury), Treasurer
  • James O’Neil (Thomaston), Immediate Past-President
  • Fritz Hilbert (Mystic) Past-President
  • Past-President Charles Stankye III (Derby)
  • Ernest Herrick (Storrs) Past-President
  • James Wilkinson (Milford) Past-President


  • Father Kevin Donovan (Wolcott) Chaplain
  • Reverend Mark Byers (Thomaston) Chaplain
  • Reverend Thomas Berberich (Kent) Chaplain Emeritus


  • Theodore Schroll, Jr. (Wethersfield), Assistant Secretary
  • Karin Halstead (Sandy Hook) Assistant Treasurer


CSFA County Vice-Presidents


  • Clarence Rees (Bethel),  Fairfield County
  • David Clark (Wethersfield), Hartford County
  • James Koser, (Litchfield) Litchfield County
  • Burt Hale (Middletown), Middlesex County
  • Kenneth Mitchell (Ansonia), New Haven County
  • Ed Waido (Niantic), New London County
  • Michael Gergler (Storrs), Tolland County
  • Wayne Fletcher, (Ashford) Windham County


CSFA Legislative Committee (also includes all CSFA County Vice-Presidents)


  • Past-President Lew Clark, (Morris) Chairman
  • Ted Schroll, Jr. (Wethersfield) Legislative Representative
  • Leon Collins (Branford) Legislative Representative
  • Past-President Fritz Hilbert (Mystic)
  • Ronald Stolz (Yantic)
  • President Vaughan Dumas (Orange)


CSFA Audit Committee


  • Michael Gergler (Mansfield) Chairman
  • Immediate Past President James O’Neil (Thomaston)
  • Past-President Ernest Herrick (Mansfield)
  • Past-President Frank “Fritz” Hilbert (Mystic)
  • County Vice-President Wayne Fletcher (Ashford)
  • George Thompson, Jr. (Mansfield)



CFSA Convention Advisory Committee


  • Kenneth Mitchell (Ansonia), Chairman
  • Second Vice-President John Carew (West Haven)
  • Sal Pitruzello (Portland)
  • Joseph Navin (Mashantucket)
  • Mike Kelleher (Derby)



CSFA Representative to the E.M.S. Advisory Committee


  • Past-President Robert Guthrie (West Haven)
  • James Trzaski (Beacon Falls)



CSFA Merit Awards Committee


  • Immediate Past-President James O’Neil (Thomaston)
  • Past-President Paul McAllister (Danbury)
  • Past-President James Wilkinson (Milford)
  • County Vice-President James Koser (Litchfield)
  • Edward Haber (Berlin)
  • David Bunnell (Middlebury)
  • James O’Neil (Thomaston)
  • Charles Doback (Naugatuck)
  • James Butler, Sr. (Derby)



CSFA Hall of Fame Committee

  • Co-Chairman Robert Guthrie (West Haven)
  • Co-Chairman William Coffey (Danbury)
  • Past-President Lew Clark (Morris)
  • Past-President James Wilkinson (Milford)
  • Past-President Scott Potter (Thomaston)
  • County Vice-President Michael Gergler (Mansfield)
  • Fr. Edward Hyland (Waterbury)


CSFA Commission on Fire Prevention and Control


  • Past-President Frank “Fritz” Hilbert (Mystic)
  • Past-President Charles Stankye III (Derby)



CSFA Credentials Committee


  • Past-President Ted Schroll, Jr. (Wethersfield) Chairman
  • County Vice-President Wayne Fletcher (Ashford)
  • Brian Schroll (Wethersfield)
  • Corrine Schroll (Wethersfield)
  • Dawn Schroll (Wethersfield)
  • Ronald Stolz (Yantic)
  • Wayne Fletcher (Ashford)
  • Cari Jansen (Bantam)
  • Aaron Jansen (Bantam)
  • Ronald Mattei (North Haven)
  • William Talmadge (Morris)



CSFA Memorial Committee


  • Past-President Ernest Herrick (Mansfield), Chairman
  • Wayne Fletcher (Ashford) Vice-Chairman
  • Gerald V. Schaffer (Mansfield) Treasurer
  • David Clark (Wethersfield) County Vice-President
  • Chet Haber (Berlin)
  • Paul Walsh (New Britain) Artist
  • Jeffrey Morrissette (Windsor Locks)
  • Yvonne Lewis (Windsor Locks)
  • Edward Urbansky (Glastonbury)
  • Timothy Wall (Wallingford)
  • Kevin Cooney (Manchester)
  • Ronald Dievert (Wallingford)
  • Hal Grout (East Hartford)
  • Tim Pelton (Cheshire)
  • Robert Reese (Ashford)



CSFA Representatives to the Anthony Flanagan Memorial Scholarship Committee


  • Immediate Past President Thomas Murphy (Southington)
  • Vice President Stephan Brown (Windsor Locks)



CSFA Representatives to the National Volunteer Fire Council


  • Past-President Robert Guthrie (West Haven)
  • Past-President Lew Clark (Morris)


CSFA Recruitment and Retention Committee


  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA



Other CSFA Standing Committees can be and are appointed on an as-needed basis.


Links related to CSFA Standing Committees:


State Commission on Fire Prevention and Control

The Connecticut Joint Council of Fire Service Organizations

State EMS Advisory Committee

Andrew Flanagan Memorial Scholarship Committee

National Volunteer Fire Council.



For more information on membership in the Connecticut State Firefighters Association, please visit the “About CFSA” page.

For more general information about The Connecticut State Firefighters Association, please visit the CSFA homepage.



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