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Claims for current dues paying members of the Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA) are paid for Fire Duty which includes, by definition:



  • At Fires
  • When responding to and returning from Fire Alarms
  • At Fire Drills or Parades
  • While going to and returning from Parades
  • While at test or trials of any apparatus or equipment normally used by a Fire Department
  • While instructing or being instructed in Fire Duties
  • While answering or returning from ambulance calls where the ambulance service is part of the Fire Department
  • While answering or returning from Fire Department Emergency calls
  • Any other Fire Duty ordered to be performed by a superior or commanding Officer in the Fire Department
  • Any duty in connection with requirements in construction or maintenance of apparatus and related appliances
  • Operation and upkeep of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Engagement in Fire Prevention Activities and Investigations


Filing of CSFA Claims


When a covered member is injured it is important to notify CSFA immediately and request Claim Papers. Claim Papers must be requested or downloaded, filed and received within 60 days of the incident for a routine claim to be paid. Claims filed after 60 days are subject to an Extension of Time Approval Vote by the members of the Executive Committtee.

All claims must be officially filed within one year of the Injury Date. In case of corrective surgery directly attributable to a previous injury, the time limit may be extended to 2 years, provided certain criteria, as detailed in the  by-laws, are complied with.


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For more information on membership in the Connecticut State Firefighter Association, please visit the “About CSFA” page.

For more general information about The Connecticut State Firefighter Association, please visit the CSFA homepage.



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