About CSFA


Our Mission Statement



The Connecticut State Firefighters Association, Inc.

is established in order to form a more perfect organization,

establish harmony of action, insure prosperity and success,

provide pecuniary support, secure protection and promote

the best interests of the firefighters of Connecticut

and to compile statistics of information concerning the practical workings

of various systems and the merits of various apparatus in use

for the extinguishing of fires;

also the cultivation of fraternal fellowship

between the several departments of the State of Connecticut.



Our History


CFSA.ORG - Our History

CFSA.ORG - Our History

Firefighting in Connecticut began long before our founders agreed what the mission of  the Connecticut State Firefighters Association would be for years to come.

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association was first organized in 1883 and was officially incorporated by a Special Act of the Connecticut Legislature on March 24, 1885.

Since then, we have grown from just a few members and towns to 26,625 members representing most than 80% of the firefighters in each of Connecticut’s eight counties. At the end of 2011, 22,225 of our members were volunteers and the remaining 4400 members were career firefighters.

For more information on the rich history of the Fire Service in Connecticut, visit The Fire Museum in Manchester, Connecticut.




Membership in the Connecticut State Firefighter Association (CSFA)

Membership in CSFA is open to all active Connecticut Firefighers and Fire Officers over the age of sixteen.

Classes of CSFA Membership

Company Members – Groups of Firefighters and Fire Officers belonging to Fire Companies or employed by Fire Departments. Includes all members of each individual Fire Company; Fire Police Patrol; Rescue Squad and full time, Paid Industrial Fire Company or Brigade that provides mutual aid to the area in which they are located.

Department Members – Designated Officers and Support Staff that require individual memberships, per the CSFA bylaws. This includes Chiefs, District Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Deputy and Battalion Chiefs, Fire Marshals, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and Regular Fire Alarm Employees, members of Fire Prevention Section and Fire Marshal Divisions, members of Fire Training Divisions, mechanics in Fire Department Construction and Maintenance Divisions and State and District Fire Control Officers of the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Life Members – All Past Presidents of CSFA

CSFA Membership Benefits

  • State Legislative Lobbying and Monitoring
  • Eligibility for State Line of Duty Death and Disability Benefits
  • Professional Informational and Educational Support Services
  • Assistance, counseling, and coordination of Firefighting Training Services
  • Fraternal support and assistance to over 26,000 members
  • Support of Firefighter Scholarship activities
  • Administration of State Funding Grants to Regional Fire Schools, regional Dispatch Centers, County Fire Radio Networks, Statewide Fire Radio Network

To be covered by benefits, you must be a current dues-paying member (Company or Department).

Any individual whose rank or duties falls within the definition of a Department Member must be a Department Member and listed with CSFA as such.

Any Fire Company, within a Fire Department, must have its own membership. Individual Companies can not be combined for the purpose of maintaining one membership.

If a Fire Department has multiple Stations, there must be at least one membership for each Station, in order for all members to be covered. If the Department or Station has a combination of career and volunteer personnel, the career and volunteer staffs must have separate membership.



Additional CSFA Information


For a complete list of our officers and committees, please visit our “CFSA Officers and Committees” Page.


Commission on Fire Prevention and Control

Two seats on the Connecticut State Commission on Fire Prevention and Control are designated for and filled by representatives of CSFA.


Recruitment of CSFA Officers

Officers of the Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA) come from amongst the ranks of Fire Departments throughout the state.

These individuals are generally individuals who have served the greater Fire Service, on a statewide basis, and who have an extensive personal knowledge of the Fire Services needs and issues, state regulatory and legislative processes and at a capability of representing the Fire Service on a broad range of issues.

CSFA officers must develop a statewide power base and name recognition, as well as have the appropriate technical skills to be eligible to participate in the election process.

For more information on the CSFA election process, please contact one of our Officers.

For more general information about the Connecticut State Firfighters Association, please visit our CSFA homepage.



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