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Welcome to the Official Website for the Connecticut State Firefighters Association, or CSFA.

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This is the place to learn everything about CSFA, our mission, our goals and our proud membership of brave Firefighters that spans the state of Connecticut.

We hope that some day soon Connecticut State Firefighters Association membership will include every fire company in the state, volunteer and career, because of the great benefits our members receive. We also hope that the public will learn more of our efforts to help educate communities and Connecticut’s Firefighters on issues related to safety from fire.

Who are the members of CSFA?

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association is a non-profit organization that has more than 26,000 members (22,000 Volunteer Firefighters, 4400 Career Firefighters) and we hope to soon be able to say that every Firefighter in our state is part of our organization.

Coming soon to this website will be a complete list of Fire Departments and Fire Companies that are members of CSFA.

Please make sure that your Fire Department or Fire Company is up-to-date with CSFA membership dues to ensure the best benefits coverage for yourself and family.


Our Officers


  • Vaughan Dumas (Orange), President
  • Stephan D. Brown (Windsor Locks), First Vice-President
  • Stephen Stewart (New London), Second Vice-President
  • Gerald V. Schaffer (Mansfield Center) Secretary
  • William Coffey (Danbury) Treasurer
  • James O’Neil (Thomaston), Immediate Past President


(For a complete list of our officers and committees, please visit our “CFSA Officers and Committees” Page.)



 What is CSFA?

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA) is the focal organization for Connecticut’s Fire Service Members in matters relating to Federal and State legislative initiatives, Firefighter Death and Disability Benefit Claims and the exchange of pertinent information. CSFA coordinates with the various Fire Service organizations at the national, state and regional levels.

To learn more about us, our mission and our history in Connecticut, please visit our “About CFSA” page.

Why join CSFA?

Over the past five years, the Connecticut State Firefighters Association has paid out almost $1 million in benefits to members and their families. The officers of CFSA, its current members, their families, and many other “friends of the bravest” all know the many benefits of membership in our organization.

To learn more about these benefits and membership, please visit our “CFSA Member Resources” page.

Online Membership Services

We hope this website will become your source for all your CFSA information needs. Both old and new members of the Connecticut State Firefighters Association should review this site regularly for updates regarding events and benefits that membership in our organization provides. There will soon be forms available for downloading, as well as current information for seminars, training, and fundraising.

For more information, please visit our “CFSA Member Resources” page and stay informed!

Support Us

There are countless ways to support Firefighters across Connecticut, but one of the best ways to support your local firefighter is to make a donation to the Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CFSA). Thousands of supporters have kept us going for more than 125 years. Help us to be part of the future as well, visit our “Support CSFA” page.

Keep in Touch with CFSA

For contact information and email links to our officers and committees, please visit our “Contact CSFA” page.

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“Firefighter Cancer Bill” Passes Both CT House and Senate; Awaits Governor’s Signature

CSFA Logo 2015House Bill #5262 Passes CT House Unanimously April 21st, Clears Senate April 26th

Following unanimous passage in the Connecticut House of Representatives last week, House Bill #5262, “The Firefighter Cancer Bill” passed the CT Senate on Tuesday April, 26, 2016 with only one dissenting vote. At this point, we await only the Governor’s signature for this legislation to become law.
When this new law goes into effect, all CT firefighters who contract certain cancers will be entitled to qualify for wage replacement coverage.

Click CT Mirror reported a summary of the “Firefighter Cancer Bill” developments to date. for more details.


To see the full final version of the legislation that passed click, House Bill 5262, File No. 891

CSFA Online 2016

CSFA Legislative Update – April 17th, 2016 from Ted Schroll, Jr.

CSFA Logo 2015

House Bill Status Report 041716

Connecticut State Firefighters Association House Bill Status Report

(Click the link below to see the entire report)


House Bill Status Report April 17, 2016



The General Assembly was in session for 2 days this past week.  They did not pass anything that I was tracking.
There was a new development this week that I have never seen before.  After the normal budget procedure (Approps budget), the Governor has now submitted a second budget proposal because the committee did not cut enough to make up for the $900 Mil deficit.  I have been told that the Appropriations committee now has to address that proposal.  As a result, the monies that were restored in the Approps proposal were zeroed again by the Governor.  If you remember, the Gov originally zeroed the Reg Fire Schools, and lump summed the CSFA disability and radio accounts.  The Approps committee restored limited funding to 6 schools, but not the 3 municipal schools.  The Gov’s new proposal for all these items is the same as his original.  Right now we do not know where we stand compared to the previous proposal.  When we left the Capitol on Thursday, the Appropriations committee was going to go into a caucus to discuss this issue.
The G.A. is supposed to go into session on Tues, Wed, & Thurs. next week.  It is expected that H.B. #5262 (F/F cancer coverage) will be acted on in the House early in the week.  H.B. #5518 (Fire School funding) was sent to the Finance committee last week.  It is on their agenda to be voted out of committee on Monday.  We are fairly confident that it will be O.K. for Monday.  As we move further along, we may need your email support.  We will keep you advised.
Bill activity this past week:
H.B. #5518 went to Finance, S.B. #134 & #167 went to Appropriations.
H.B. #5274, #5406, #5407, #5412, & #5546 were voted out of respective committees and were placed on the calendar.
You will note that this week’s listing identifies bills that have died in committee or were never acted upon to date.
I am available by email if any questions.
Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
703 Ridge Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634
FAX 860 529-7106
CELL 860 402-3865
Primary Email

CSFA Legislative Update – March 30th, 2016 from Ted Schroll, Jr.

CSFA Logo 2015


(Click the link below to see the entire report)


CSFA House Bill Status Report March 30th, 2016

There have been no General Assembly sessions since last week so little has happened to report.  Besides this was a 4 day week.  The House & Senate are scheduled to be in session on Tuesday 3/29.  It has been mentioned that they will be working on the new budget during this session.


 If you are able, come to the Capitol, contact your Representative or Senator, and explain to him/her your opinion on the fire service legislation we are working on.  Tell them why you need cancer compensation medical coverage for on the job toxic exposures.  Tell them why a blue light identifies a volunteer firefighter and why it should continue.  Tell them why the Regional Fire School operating budgets should be funded.  Explain to them why non experts off the street should not be “deputized” to perform routine fire inspections.

I have added one new bill to the listing this week. It is S.B. #464.  Because of the City of Hartford’s economic situation, the bill would allow the city to establish a “Financial Sustainability Commission.”  Normally this is not a bill that we would follow.  However, because the operations of this Commission would be able to make changes in the collective bargaining process for Hartford’s firefighters (CSFA members), we are tracking this legislation.
Other bills continue to move through the system.  Activity the past week includes:
H.B. #5053 was moved to the Planning & Development committee.
H.B. #5267, #5269, #5277, #5299, #5327, #5549, S.B. #167, & #259 were all placed on the calendar.
H. B. #5537 & S. B. #15 were moved out of committee.
H.B. #5272, #5274, #5279, #5365, #5406, #5407, #5411, #5412, #5463, #5544, #5545, #5546, S. B. #120 & #388 are expected to be placed on the calendar during next week.
I am available for any questions.
Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
703 Ridge Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634
FAX 860 529-7106
CELL 860 402-3865
Primary Email

CT Fire Chiefs Host Interactive Summit April 1st & 2nd – Registration extended to include Walk-ins

CSFA Logo 2015Connecticut Fire Chiefs Address Burning Issues in the Fire Service

The Connecticut Volunteer Workforce Solutions Program in partnership with the Connecticut Fire Chiefs Association will be hosting an interactive fire service summit designed to bring together fire departments from across Connecticut to discuss and problem-solve important issues facing the fire service.

The Chiefs have extended the deadline for Summit Registration to include attendees who arrive as Walk-ins.


Please click for more details about the Connecticut Fire Chiefs Interactive Summit April 1 & 2   at the Four Points by Sheraton in Meriden, CT.

CSFA Legislative Update – March 21st, 2016 from Ted Schroll, Jr.

CSFA Logo 2015

CT House Bill Status Report from our Lobbyist Ted Scroll, Jr.



(Click the link below to see the entire report)

CSFA House Bill Status Report March 21st, 2016

Many bills were JF’d (moved out) of committee this week.  One bill of particular interest is H. B. #5518.  This bill would place a surcharge on a persons homeowners or renters insurance of one half of one percent ( .5% ).  This sum would be used to fund the operating budgets for the regional Fire Training Schools.  The bill started with a 1% surcharge and after funding training, it could have been used to fund equipment purchases for fire departments.  A compromise was agreed to lower the surcharge to .5% and remove the portion that would fund equipment purchases.  The bill was then moved out of committee.
The group that is working on the firefighter cancer bill (H. B. #5262) is still meeting.  Some language has been studied, but not all are in agreement yet.  Hopefully we shall see some information within the 1-2 weeks.
One item I believe that I did not mention last week is H. B. #5544.  Similar to last year, this bill would require municipalities with a population of less than 40,000 and receives less than 12,000 E-911 calls per year would be required to consolidate PSAPs by 7/1/2020 or face a loss of E-911 Commission support, both equipment and funding.
Activity this past week:
H.B. #5274, #5365, #5406, #5411, #5412, #5463, #5518, #5546, S.B. #367, #388, & #423 were all JF’d out of their committees.
H. B. #5262 & S. B. #134 were placed on their respective calendars.
H.B. #5267, #5269, #5299, #5327, #5549, & S.B. #167 are expected on their respective calendars this coming week.
If any questions on any other bills, I am available by email.  Report will be separate.
Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
703 Ridge Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634
FAX 860 529-7106
CELL 860 402-3865
Primary Email
CSFA Online 2016






(VIDEO) Rep. Linda Orange testifies in favor of bills that fund CT Regional Fire Schools

Rep. Linda_OrangeState Representative Linda Orange testifies to support bills that fund CT Fire Schools

Rep. Linda Orange continued her support for the Connecticut Fire Service this week as she testified before the legislature’s Finance, Review and Bonding Committee in support of House Bill 5518. The bill, similar in language to House Bill 5594, proposes a small surcharge on Connecticut homeowner insurance policies in order to fund operating budgets at Connecticut’s Regional Fire Schools. The bills would also fund the expense of certain training costs and fire equipment.

Watch the video: Rep. Linda Orange testifies with CSFA Education Committee Chairman Alan Hawkins

Click the link to watch the video of Rep. Linda Orange and CSFA Education Committee Chairman Alan Hawkins testifying at the Public Hearing for House Bill 5518:

CSFA Online 2016



CSFA Logo 2015We Need Your Support in our Fight Against CT Fire Service Budget Cuts

Attention all Connecticut Fire Chiefs, CSFA Members and friends of the Fire Service: Please read and share the following URGENT MESSAGE from our President:

Greetings to all,

The Governor’s proposed 2017 budget was released shortly after his speech last week. This budget proposal zeroed out the operating funds for the regional fire training schools and “consolidated” the benefit funds. Consolidated means it is no longer a line item earmarked solely for the benefits of injured, disabled, or families of Firefighters killed in the line of duty. Currently, funds are being sent to 5 children and 7 Firefighters who are permanently disabled using this benefit funding source. These benefits will most likely cease if the budgeted line item is not restored back to the CSFA benefit account.
This year is more important to show our strength. For the first time the Administration has infringed upon our benefit funding, they are cutting the benefit to our injured Firefighters; our permanently disabled by virtue of their job; spouses of Line of Duty Death (LODD) Firefighters; dependent children of LODD or permanently Disabled Firefighters. We need to be their voice.

On Tuesday February 9, 2016 at 4:00 PM at the Legislative Office Building, in hearing room 2C, there will be an opportunity to speak at a public session for the proposed budget and its affects. This date and time is set for the Department of Emergency Service and Public Protection (DESPP) portion of the budget only. It’s time that we “rally the troops” as we did last year. Last year we started out with nothing in the Regional Fire School operating funds and ended up 70% restored, thanks to the support of Firefighters across the state who appeared at the public hearing. But, here we are at zero all over again.

I believe we need to respond in force in opposition to this proposal. These topics are important to us, we are being denied, we must make our needs known. This is our only option to collectively address the legislative branch with a show of force. After the public session it will be up to Ted Schroll and Leon Collins to represent us in the many meetings and deliberations that will be held. I have confidence that they will do their best, but we need to show them our support and the strength of the Fire Service in Connecticut.

I know this is last minute, the Fire Service deserves to be represented appropriately. If you are able to appear to show strength and support for firefighter training and benefits, appear in a Firefighter uniform or Firefighter attire. Speakers have been selected – we need to show their support.

Thank You in advance for your commitment to the Fire Service in Connecticut,


Vaughan Dumas
President, CSFA

CSFA Online 2016


An urgent message from the CSFA Pres re: our work toward cancer coverage for all CT Firefighters

CSFA Logo 2015All members, please read the following note from the president of the Connecticut State Firefighters Association:

Ted Schroll and Leon Collins attended a meeting of the firefighter’s cancer working group on January 27, 2016. It has been discussed that only firefighters who are CURRENTLY CERTIFIED as interior firefighters (both career and volunteers) will be eligible for this benefit if the legislation is passed. The Connecticut State Firefighters Association has been tasked with obtaining the number of volunteer firefighters who are CURRENTLY CERTIFIED as interior firefighters. The chairperson is referring to the Required Minimum standard OSHA 1910.156(c) (2) standard which requires training “at least quarterly”. It is believed by most that once a firefighter has been certified continued education is not required. If a member does not participate in training drills “at least quarterly” that does not mean that they have maintained their certification.

We are seeking your assistance in this endeavor. All of you have helped in the past, and we are calling again. We cannot possibly make calls to all 300+ fire companies in the State of Connecticut. We are also asking those of you who are Chief’s, Training Officers, or hold an administrative office please forward the number of firefighters certified as interior firefighters in your department, not a full training record.

If you are a member of of any fire service associations (CT Chiefs, Career Chiefs, CFDIA, CFMA, etc.) please forward this email so they can pass it along to their association email distribution lists.

The information needed is what you would provide to OSHA if it was requested. Remember, we only need the number of firefighters certified as interior firefighters, not a full training record.

Once you have that information email it to Leon Collins at Leon will compile the information on a spreadsheet.

Please understand that this request is time sensitive, the legislative session starts Wednesday February 3, 2016. We need your co-operation ASAP. Be as accurate as you can. Since we do not know how these numbers will be interpreted, either over counting or under counting is not suggested; just accurate numbers. We DO know that the numbers will be used to determine extent of coverage. One statement that was made to us was that failure to provide any information would quite probably result in disallowing the entire benefit for volunteer firefighters.

Vaughan I. Dumas
President, CSFA


CSFA Online 2016


Place your business in our CSFA Hall of Fame Dinner ad book for 2016

Support Connecticut Firefighters and Promote Your Business

We are currently accepting ads for our Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA) ad book to help defray the costs of the Hall of Fame Dinner 2016.

This year’s ad book will measure 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and is the perfect opportunity to congratulate the recipients or promote your products our organization.

Program Book Price List

Center Page          $175.00

Rear Cover            $145.00

Inside F/Cover       $130.00

Inside R/Cover       $130.00

Full Page                $125.00

Half Page                 $75.00

Business Card          $35.00


Please make your check payable to CSFA and include with your ad/artwork.



Forward ads to:

William Coffey, 45 Beaver Brook Road, Danbury, CT 06810, (203) 746-1424

***Ads must be received by March 25, 2016***


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CSFA Announces 2016 Hall of Fame Nominees and Annual Dinner on April 7, 2016

CT Firefighters prep for CSFA Hall of Fame Dinner 2016

It’s time to buy your tickets and make plans to celebrate the best of the Bravest – the Connecticut State Firefighters Association has announced CT Firefighter Pipe Band 042815

the list of Nominees to be honored at the 2016 CSFA Hall of Fame Dinner.  Firefighters and many others statewide are once again working together to organize and present the Connecticut State Firefighters Association Eighth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner. So much has been going on behind the scenes as the event date draws near:

Thursday, April 7th, 2016.

CSFA invites members friends and families to celebrate and honor the achievement, dedication and commitment of members present and past.


The Class of 2016 Inductees

Fred Dudek, Jr., Killingworth

Laurence Ford, Redding (Deceased)

James E. Kiley, Newingtown (Deceased)

Ronald L. Littell, Sr., Tolland

Kevin R. McKeon, West Shore (West Haven)

Jon Menti, Stony Hill

Jeffrey Morrissette, Wethersfield (Fire Admin)

John E. Obier, Jr., North Haven (Deceased)

Gary M. Parker, Derby

Charles Perrotti, North Canaan

Kenneth W. Richards, Jr., Olde Mystic


Event: CSFA Eighth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner

When: Thursday, April 7th, 2016, 6-7 pm Open Bar, 7pm Dinner

Where: The Aqua Turf Club, 556 Mulberry Street, Plantsville, CT

Price: $40 per person

Tickets are available at door or call:

CSFA Office (860) 423-5799, William Coffey(203) 746-1424 or Bob Guthrie (203) 934-7565

CSFA Hall of Fame Award Details and Requirements

Purpose: To recognize a present or former member(s) of an organized Fire Department who has served both his or her department and state association(s) above and beyond normal expectations over an extended period of time. They shall have demonstrated leadership and have shown themselves to be a motivating force for the betterment of the Fire Service throughout Connecticut and the United States. These persons shall have contributed in a positive way to the enrichment of the Fire Service organizations they represented. Recipients’ names will be placed in a location of prominence as a remembrance of their efforts which have benefited and improved the Fire Service of the state.

Eligibility: Any Firefighter who has served in a Fire Department and who has contributed to the betterment of the Fire Service on a local state or national level.

Nomination: Only one nomination shall be submitted annually and must be a recognized member of a fire department or a recognized fire service organization in the state of Connecticut the nomination shall include positions, deeds, accomplishments and awards of distinction. Review of nominations will be made by the CSFA awards committee. Awards as a result of brave actions will be given under a separate format administered by CSFA.

Applications: To be completed on CSFA application forms and received by the CSFA Awards Committee no later than July 1st. Persons nominated by a Fire Department shall be on CSFA applications and signed or countersigned by the active Chief of Department as well as the submitter. Those nominated by a state association shall be signed by the current president. All applications will be kept on file and reviewed in subsequent years.

Awards: To be made annually at the Hall of Fame awards dinner. A pin and plaque of accomplishment will be awarded to each recipient or their family in case of posthumous award. The number of awards to be presented each year will be recommended by the Hall of Fame Committee to the Executive Committee of CSFA at the February meeting.

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