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This is the place to learn everything about CFSA, our mission, our goals and our proud membership of brave Firefighters that spans the state of Connecticut.

We hope that some day soon Connecticut State Firefighters Association membership will include every fire company in the state, volunteer and career, because of the great benefits our members receive. We also hope that the public will learn more of our efforts to help educate communities and Connecticut’s Firefighters on issues related to safety from fire.

Who are the members of CSFA?

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association is a non-profit organization that has more than 26,000 members (22,000 Volunteer Firefighters, 4400 Career Firefighters) and we hope to soon be able to say that every Firefighter in our state is part of our organization.

Coming soon to this website will be a complete list of Fire Departments and Fire Companies that are members of CSFA.

Please make sure that your Fire Department or Fire Company is up-to-date with CSFA membership dues to ensure the best benefits coverage for yourself and family.


Our Officers


  • James O’Neil (Thomaston), President
  • Vaughan Dumas (Orange), First Vice-President
  • Stephan Brown, Jr. (Windsor Locks), Second Vice-President
  • Gerald V. Schaffer (Mansfield Center) Secretary
  • Charles M. Stankye, Jr. (Derby) Treasurer
  • Frank “Fritz” Hilbert, (Mystic), Immediate Past President


(For a complete list of our officers and committees, please visit our “CFSA Officers and Committees” Page.)



 What is CSFA?

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA) is the focal organization for Connecticut’s Fire Service Members in matters relating to Federal and State legislative initiatives, Firefighter Death and Disability Benefit Claims and the exchange of pertinent information. CSFA coordinates with the various Fire Service organizations at the national, state and regional levels.

To learn more about us, our mission and our history in Connecticut, please visit our “About CFSA” page.

Why join CSFA?

Over the past five years, the Connecticut State Firefighters Association has paid out almost $1 million in benefits to members and their families. The officers of CFSA, its current members, their families, and many other “friends of the bravest” all know the many benefits of membership in our organization.

To learn more about these benefits and membership, please visit our “CFSA Member Resources” page.

Online Membership Services

We hope this website will become your source for all your CFSA information needs. Both old and new members of the Connecticut State Firefighters Association should review this site regularly for updates regarding events and benefits that membership in our organization provides. There will soon be forms available for downloading, as well as current information for seminars, training, and fundraising.

For more information, please visit our “CFSA Member Resources” page and stay informed!

Support Us

There are countless ways to support Firefighters across Connecticut, but one of the best ways to support your local firefighter is to make a donation to the Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CFSA). Thousands of supporters have kept us going for more than 125 years. Help us to be part of the future as well, visit our “Support CSFA” page.

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CSFA Online 2014

CSFA Legislative Update – April 14, 2014 from Ted Schroll, Jr. with House Bill Status Report



The 2014 session of the General Assembly moves closer to adjournment.  There is approximately 3.5 weeks left to the end of the regular session.  There is not too much to report this week among the bills we are tracking.  Several more bills came out of LCO and were placed on the calendar.  The House met two days and the Senate met one day.  The Senate passed three bills which moved to the House.


Activity included:

The Senate passed S.B. #66, #100, & #101 which now move to the House.

H.B. #5070 was referred to the Public Safety committee, passed out of committee, and is back on the calendar.

S.B. #56 was referred to the Insurance committee, passed out of committee and is back on the calendar.

H.B. #5290 was referred to the Appropriations committee.

H.B. #5531 was referred to the Planning & Development committee.

S.B. #235 & S.B. #430 were referred to the Judiciary committee.

H.B. #5503, #5541, #5580, & #439 were placed on the calendar for the first time.




Email if any questions.


Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative

Connecticut State Firefighters Association

703 Ridge Road

Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634

FAX 860-529-7106

CELL 860-402-3865

CSFA Online 2014



CSFA Legislative Update – April 6, 2014 from Ted Schroll, Jr. with House Bill Status Report

As of this past Friday all committees are closed to any new legislation.  If bills have not had any committee action by this time, they are considered DEAD for this session.  I have noted these items on this week’s listing in case there are any questions.  I will be removing them from the list next week.  I have also added some new bills this week as some issues have appeared.  Those include:
H.B. #5290   (See explanation on list)
S.B. #29        Bonding Bill–The bonding sub-committee added $15,777,672.00 in new bond money for the Capital Improvement project for the Regional Fire Schools.
S.B. #235      Provisions of  H.B. #5288 (Road Chemical Study) were moved into this bill.
S.B. #269     Changes to alcoholic liquor permitting for those volunteer companies or departments that may have an interest.  You could get one permit for multiple events per year.
I mentioned the DEAD bills.  This means that the certain bill number is dead.  It is always possible that the same issue may rise in another bill as an amendment, similar to S.B. #235 & H.B. #5288 as noted above.
Activity this week included:
H.B. #5070, #5290, #5531, #5533, S.B. #100, #101, #235, #269, #426, & #427 were moved onto the calendar.
S.B. #29 & #100 were passed out of committee.
H.B. #5035 was referred from the House to the Appropriations committee.
The General Assembly will be in session on Wednesday & Thursday next week.  Email with any questions.


Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
703 Ridge Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634


CSFA Online 2014

CSFA Legislative Update – March 11, 2014 from Ted Schroll, Jr. with House Bill Status Report




The 2014 legislative session continues.  New bills published this week include H.B. #5503, #5507, #5531, #5533, #5537, S.B. #386, #416, #426, #427, & #430.


Three more new bills are to be published tomorrow (Monday) morning, H.B. #5541, #5542, & S.B. #439.


Public Hearings next week:

3/10     Judiciary           S. B. #386

3/11     Public Safety    H. B. #5531, #5533, S.B. #426, #427, & #430.

3/14     Public Health    H. B. #5503, #5537, S. B. #416.

3/14     Plan & Dev.       H. B. #5507.


Of the new bills to be published tomorrow morning, 2 of them should be of special interest to the fire service.  H.B. #5542 is the bill that concerns the recommendations of the PSA Task Force.  It will have to watched closely.  It was originally thought that this bill would have a public hearing on 3/14, however the agenda for that hearing is published and the bill is not on that agenda.  For those with an interest, keep close contact with Mary-Ellen Harper for the latest.


The other bill that should be of special interest to the fire service is S. B. #439.  Section #1 of this bill could be interpreted as an attempt by the EMS Advisory Board to circumvent CGS 7-313 AUTHORITY OF A FIRE OFFICER.  This legislation has been discussed before.  This original legislation was instituted for a reason.  There can be only ONE Incident Commander at a fire/emergency scene.  It is definitely NOT in the best interest of the fire service to allow any attempt to “water down” the existing statute.  A public hearing has not been scheduled yet, but this could be the same day as the PSA bill.  We will need your input when the hearing occurs.

Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative

Connecticut State Firefighters Association

703 Ridge Road

Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634

FAX 860-529-7106

CELL 860-402-3865



CSFA Online 2014


CSFA Legislative Update – March 4, 2014 from Ted Schroll, Jr. with House Bill Status Report





Not much to add from last week.  I have added 3 bills to the list; H.B. #5288, H.B. #5388, & S.B. #289.  H.B. #5288 came across our radar this past week when a legislator asked me to source out fire departments that may have corrosion problems with apparatus as a result of chemical road treatments being used on CT’s roads.  When I inquired, my surprise was that a number of you responded with those concerns.  The bill had a public hearing on Friday and several of you provided testimony to support the issue.  Thanks for your response.


H.B. #5388 & S.B. ##289 were added as they may be of interest to fire marshals.  Both of those bills will have a public hearing on Tuesday, 3/4.  I will attach the public hearing notice to this message.  I am available if any inquiries.


As an F. Y. I., it is expected that a public hearing for the PSAR Task Force report will take place within the next week or so.  I would suggest that if you have an interest in this issue, that you start preparing some testimony for that hearing.  If I understand correctly, the report (approx. 35 pages) is available from Dept. of Public Health website.  Go to and source the DPH site.  You may also contact Mary-Ellen Harper, Director of Fire & Rescue Svcs. at the Farmington F.D. at  I believe that the committee is only required to give 3 days notice of the hearing.  You are not required to attend the hearing if unable, but you are able to submit testimony electronically.  We were given a tentative date of 3/14 or 3/19.  I will notify all as soon as I am aware of the date.



*Public Safety and Security Committee


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The Public Safety and Security Committee will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 12:00 P.M. in Room 1B of the LOB.  Please submit 45 copies of written testimony to Committee staff at the time of sign up.  Testimony submitted after sign-up may not be distributed until after the hearing.  Sign-up for the hearing will begin at 9:00 A.M. in Room 1B of the LOB.  The first hour of the hearing is reserved for Legislators, Constitutional Officers, State Agency Heads and Chief Elected Municipal Elected Officials.  Speakers will be limited to three minutes of testimony. Bills will be heard in the order listed in the Bulletin. Unofficial sign-up sheets have no standing with the Committee.


SUBJECT MATTER:   Internet sweepstakes cafes, movie theatres, resident state troopers, building officials, tuition raffles, crane operations, keno, penalty for assault on fire officials, the automated number plate recognition system, state marshals, disposal of medication













Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative

Connecticut State Firefighters Association

703 Ridge Road

Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634

FAX 860-529-7106

CELL 860-402-3865



CSFA Online 2014


CSFA announces Hall of Fame Dinner next month, Wednesday April 9th, 2014

Save the date, get tickets for the CSFA Hall of Fame Dinner 2014

CSFA Hall of Fame Dinner

CSFA Hall of Fame Dinner

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association proudly announces its Fifth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner to celebrate the dedication and achievement of its members past, present and future. Join us as we come together with our and families and friends from across the state.

Show Your Support for Connecticut’s Firefighters

We are currently accepting adds for our ad book/program to help defray the cost of the event. Our publication will be distributed at the event and throughout Connecticut’s “firefighting community”. An advertisement in our 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″  ad book/program is the perfect opportunity to congratulate the recipients or promote your own products, services or organization.

When: Thursday, April 9th, 2014

6-7pm  Open Bar

7pm- until  Dinner and Festivities

Cost $35.00 per person



The Aqua Turf Club, 556 Mulberry Street, Plantsville, CT

For Tickets:

CSFA Office (860) 423-5799 William Coffey

(203) 746-1424 Bob Guthrie (203) 934-7565


Program Book Price List

Center Page          $175.00

Rear Cover            $125.00

Inside F/Cover       $125.00

Inside R/Cover       $125.00

Full Page                $100.00

Half Page                 $75.00

Business Card          $25.00



The Class of 2014 Inductees

  • David J. Dagon,  Mansfield
  • John Gaspar, Naugatuck
  • Christopher Guari, Brooklyn (Deceased)
  • Charles N. Harrington, Simsbury (Deceased)
  • George N. Koser, Litchfield (Deceased)
  • Richard H. Nicol, Middlebury
  • Salvatore Pitruzzello, Portland
  • Paul Rapanault, West Haven
  • Charles M. Stankye III, Derby
  • Ronald Stolz, Yantic
  • John Reardon, New Haven (Deceased)
  • Donald H. Swanson, Sr., Cromwell
  • James Wilkinson, Milford


Please make your check payable to CSFA and include your artwork/advertisement.

Forward ads to:

William Coffey

45 Beaver Brook Road

Danbury, CT 06810


Deadline for Ad Publication

Please note that all ads for publication in the 2014 Connecticut State Firefighters program must be received by March 25, 2014 – thank you for supporting your local Firefighters!


CSFA Hall of Fame Award Details and Requirements

Purpose: To recognize a present or former member(s) of an organized Fire Department who has served both his or her department and state association(s) above and beyond normal expectations over an extended period of time. They shall have demonstrated leadership and have shown themselves to be a motivating force for the betterment of the Fire Service throughout Connecticut and the United States. These persons shall have contributed in a positive way to the enrichment of the Fire Service organizations they represented. Recipients’ names will be placed in alocation of prominence as a remembrance of their efforts which have benefited and improved the Fire Service of the state.

Eligibility: Any Firefighter who has served in a Fire Department and who has contributed to the betterment of the Fire Service on a local state or national level.

Nomination: Only one nomination shall be submitted annually and must be a recognized member of a fire department or a recognized fire service organization in the state of Connecticut the nomination shall include positions, deeds, accomplishments and awards of distinction. Review of nominations will be made by the CSFA awards committee. Awards as a result of brave actions will be given under a separate format administered by CSFA.

Applications: To be completed on CSFA application forms and received by the CSFA Awards Committee no later than July 1st. Persons nominated by a Fire Department shall be on CSFA applications and signed or countersigned by the active Chief of Department as well as the submitter. Those nominated by a state association shall be signed by the current president. All applications will be kept on file and reviewed in subsequent years.

Awards: To be made annually at the Hall of Fame awards dinner. A pin and plaque of accomplishment will be awarded to each recipient or their family in case of posthumous award. The number of awards to be presented each year will be recommended by the Hall of Fame Committee to the Executive Committee of CSFA at the February meeting.


CSFA Online 2014

CSFA sadly reports the passing of Rep. Elaine O’Brien (D), a supporter of the Connecticut Fire Service

Connecticut State Representative Elaine O’Brien (D) 61st House District (East Granby, Suffield, Windsor) loses battle with brain cancer

Rep. O'Brien


It is with great sorrow that CSFA shares the news of the recent death of State Representative Elaine O’Brien, a resident of Suffield and longtime public servant.

As Vice-Chairman of the Connecticut’s legislative Appropriations Committee, and as a member of the Commerce and Transportation Committees, State Rep. O’Brien was instrumental in the passage of House Bill # 6454 that provides additional protection for Connecticut firefighters working at motor vehicle accident scenes and in fire station work zones. During the 2013 legislative session, House Bill # 6454 became Public Act 13-200 which also doubles the fines for violations in highway construction work zones statewide. For more about State Rep. Elaine O’Brien, please visit her official website.

Also, Governor Malloy has ordered that Connecticut flags be flown at half staff until State Rep. Elaine O’Brien’s interment.


CSFA Online 2014


CSFA and South Windsor Fire Departement prep for 2013 Convention weekend, September 20-22

The 2013 CSFA Annual Convention and Parade – Friday Sept. 20 through Saturday Sept. 22

CSFA welcomes all family and friends of the Fire Service to join the family fun at our annual Convention weekend and parade. This year we join the South Windsor Volunteer Fire Department as it celebrates 75 years of service to the surrounding communities. This year the festivities include a our annual parade, an Olde Time Firefighters Muster, a 5K challenge and other events from Friday September 20 through Sunday September 22.

CSFA 2013 Convention Weekend and South Windsor Volunteer Fire Department 75th Anniversary

Click here to get right to the schedule of weekend events. Or, you can click this special CSFA 2013 Convention link to the South Windsor Volunteer Fire Department.

Please come out and support The South Windsor Volunteer Fire Department and the Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA)!

Hope to see you there!


CSFA Online 2013

CSFA thanks 2 new web sponsors: Phoenix Cleaning & Restoration and Just Contents

New Wallingford Businesses support Connecticut State Firefighters Association

CSFA would like to thank Rich Naccarato for his show of support  for firefighters across the state this summer.

Rich Naccarato

Naccarato, our newest website sponsor, is the CEO of two new companies that are located in Wallingford and serving homeowners and businesses statewide. Phoenix Cleaning & Restoration is a full-service company specializing in fire damage restoration, water remediation, structural drying, emergency board-ups and content cleaning. Just Contents is the sister company to Phoenix and provides customers with pack-out/pack in services, content inventory and temporary climate-controlled storage at their new facility.

The Phoenix Cleaning & Restoration Team

Naccarato tells CSFA that his team of trained professionals has over a hundred years of experience assisting other Connecticut companies and families who are the unfortunate victims of fires, floods and other catastrophes. “I know that so many firefighters work so hard every day here in Connecticut. I just want to let them and their families know that we appreciate everything they do. We take our hats off to all first-responders, but we have a special respect for firefighters.”

For more information about Rich Naccarato and his new companies, you can visit the Phoenix Cleaning and Restoration website and you can also visit the Phoenix Cleaning and Restoration Facebook page to “like” them and show your support.

There is still advertising space available on our website. If you are interested, please contact




CSFA Online 2013

CSFA Legislative Update – June 10, 2013 from Ted Schroll, Jr. with House Bill Status Report

It’s over for this year.  Last Wednesday was one of the few days of the session when you know what time the session is over.  They must end at midnight of the last day.  It’s always a busy day as everyone is attempting to get their bills passed before the deadline.  Some make it, some don’t.  The attached is probably self-explanatory, but  I will comment on a few items.
H.B. #6015 which would have prohibited charging of fees for residents calling E-911 did not pass.  This bill was a double-edged sword. We never want to discourage any person from calling 9-1-1 in case of a real emergency, however we were concerned that if the bill was not worded correctly, it could jeopardize the fire service’s ability to assess reimbursement for services rendered.  We were not able to agree on proper language and the bill died on the House calendar.
H.B. #6033 which had the “Q” license testing procedures included, passed with almost the exact language proposed by the DMV.
H.B. #6454 which would have required a municipality to designate the street in front of a fire station as a work zone, was changed to “enabling” legislation.  The bill enables, not requires, a municipality to designate the areas as work zones, if they so desire.  They would be required to post their own signage.
H.B. #6518 which was a proposal to make changes to the EMS system was changed to require a task force to study the system of PSA allotments.
In spite of the apparent PTSD problems that occurred to some first responders at the Sandy Hook incident, the legislature could not see their way to pass either S.B. #823 (PTSD) or S.B. #925 (cardiac emergency) proposals.
S.B. #975 when first proposed at the beginning of the session had a provision that would have required the use of seat belts at all motor vehicle seating positions including fire apparatus.  With a few changes during the legislative process, it would appear that the seat belt provision was not included in the final writing of the bill.  Without that issue, it appears that there are NO fire service related issues within the bill.
The same issues arose with S.B. #1094.  Earlier versions of the bill had several minor language/punctuation changes to the public safety statutes.  IN the last few days of the session the bill was changed to be a “fix” to some concerns that arose from the earlier GUN BILL.  Again, S.B. #1094 no longer contains any fire service related issues.
Within the budget bill, H.B. #6704, we were able to restore some of the budget items that had been reduced by the Governor’s proposals.  Within one of the budget implementer bills, H.B. #6706, the Department of Construction Services is being phased out.  All of it’s activities are being absorbed by the Department of Administrative Services.
This report is to be a semi-final report.  Occasionally, there are some issues that do not surface until after a few weeks.  The attached listing is all the issues that I am aware of.  If any other issues arise later, I will pass them along.  If anyone hears of any issues that I have not brought forth, please contact me and I will research them further.
Please email if any questions.
Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
703 Ridge Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634

CSFA Legislative Update – June 3, 2013 from Ted Schroll, Jr with House Bill Status Report

As we move into the final days, last week was quite busy.  It was a short week because of the holiday and there was lots of work to do.  The week included a Saturday session.  There were a couple developments that should be mentioned.  I mentioned last week that H.B. #6495, which included new procedures relating to “Q” driver’s licenses had been deleted and the bill has been re-written to provide a process for driver’s licenses and ID information for undocumented immigrants.  However, all the information that was included in that bill was re-written into H.B. #6033 which now appears on the bill listing.  There is a slight difference in the language of the new amendment within the “Q” endorsement language.  The old language refers to the “local fire official”, and the new language refers to the “chief local fire official”.
Another development this week was in reference to H.B. #6518 which was an EMS bill that was re-written to  provide “disciplinary” language for different grades of EMS personnel.  The language was amended to include a Task Force to study the concerns expressed at the public hearing regarding PSA assignments.  The task force will report back to the next legislative session starting on February 2014.
Activity this week included:  H.B. #5250, #5278, #5441, #6523, #6524, & #6596 were passed in the Senate and await the Governor’s signature.
H.B. #5480, #6033, & #6518 passed the House and moved to the Senate.
S.B. #929 & #975 passed the Senate and moved to the House.
H.B. #6007 & S.B. #1073 were signed by the Governor on 5/28.



Please email with any questions.
Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
703 Ridge Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634