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Welcome to CSFA!


The Connecticut State Firefighters Association, Inc. (CSFA)

CSFA.ORG - CT Firefighter Memorial and Academy

Welcome to the Official Website for the Connecticut State Firefighters Association, or CSFA.

(First, please bookmark this website now for easy access to CSFA in the future.)

This is the place to learn everything about CSFA, our mission, our goals and our proud membership of brave Firefighters that spans the state of Connecticut.

We hope that some day soon Connecticut State Firefighters Association membership will include every fire company in the state, volunteer and career, because of the great benefits our members receive. We also hope that the public will learn more of our efforts to help educate communities and Connecticut’s Firefighters on issues related to safety from fire.

Who are the members of CSFA?

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association is a non-profit organization that has more than 26,000 members (22,000 Volunteer Firefighters, 4400 Career Firefighters) and we hope to soon be able to say that every Firefighter in our state is part of our organization.

Coming soon to this website will be a complete list of Fire Departments and Fire Companies that are members of CSFA.

Please make sure that your Fire Department or Fire Company is up-to-date with CSFA membership dues to ensure the best benefits coverage for yourself and family.


Our Officers


  • Vaughan Dumas (Orange), President
  • Stephan D. Brown (Windsor Locks), First Vice-President
  • Stephen Stewart (New London), Second Vice-President
  • Gerald V. Schaffer (Mansfield Center) Secretary
  • William Coffey (Danbury) Treasurer
  • James O’Neil (Thomaston), Immediate Past President


(For a complete list of our officers and committees, please visit our “CFSA Officers and Committees” Page.)



 What is CSFA?

The Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CSFA) is the focal organization for Connecticut’s Fire Service Members in matters relating to Federal and State legislative initiatives, Firefighter Death and Disability Benefit Claims and the exchange of pertinent information. CSFA coordinates with the various Fire Service organizations at the national, state and regional levels.

To learn more about us, our mission and our history in Connecticut, please visit our “About CFSA” page.

Why join CSFA?

Over the past five years, the Connecticut State Firefighters Association has paid out almost $1 million in benefits to members and their families. The officers of CFSA, its current members, their families, and many other “friends of the bravest” all know the many benefits of membership in our organization.

To learn more about these benefits and membership, please visit our “CFSA Member Resources” page.

Online Membership Services

We hope this website will become your source for all your CFSA information needs. Both old and new members of the Connecticut State Firefighters Association should review this site regularly for updates regarding events and benefits that membership in our organization provides. There will soon be forms available for downloading, as well as current information for seminars, training, and fundraising.

For more information, please visit our “CFSA Member Resources” page and stay informed!

Support Us

There are countless ways to support Firefighters across Connecticut, but one of the best ways to support your local firefighter is to make a donation to the Connecticut State Firefighters Association (CFSA). Thousands of supporters have kept us going for more than 125 years. Help us to be part of the future as well, visit our “Support CSFA” page.

Keep in Touch with CFSA

For contact information and email links to our officers and committees, please visit our “Contact CSFA” page.

Thanks for visiting!

CSFA Online 2014

CSFA Legislative Update from Leon Collins, January 12, 2018

The feedback that I have received from members of the Fire Service is that the first two meeting of the Fire EMS Caucus have gone very well. For those who could not attend and have not yet viewed the proceedings, the meetings are available to see on the following links:
1st Fire EMS Caucus Meeting on December 19th, 2017 – http://www.ctn.state.ct.us/ctnplayer.asp?odID=14831
2nd Fire EMS Caucus meeting on January 9th, 2018 – http://www.ctn.state.ct.us/ctnplayer.asp?odID=14876

The next Caucus meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2018

Follow this link for more from Legislative Representative Leon Collins:  CSFA Legislative Update 01-12-2018

CSFA DAS 2018 Legislative Proposals – 01-08-18, CSFA DESPP_2018_Legislative Proposals – 01-08-18

Fire EMS Causus Meeting – 2-6-2018

Please spread the word and save the date for the next Fire EMS Caucus meeting on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018, at the Legislative Office Building, Room 1E, at 10 a.m.

CSFA Legislative Update from Leon Collins, January 5, 2018

A reminder to everyone from CSFA that the next meeting of the Fire EMS Caucus is scheduled to be held on Tuesday January 9th, 2018 at the Legislative Office Building in Room 1E at 10AM. More details from the caucus meeting last month are in the attached legislative update from Leon Collins, CSFA Legislative Representative.


Leon Collins

Legislative Representative
The Connecticut State Firefighters Association
49 Midwood Road
Branford, CT 06405
(203) 494-7842 voice and text
(203) 481-1446 fax
collins@csfa.org email
http://csfa.org website

CSFA Online 2018

CSFA Legislative Update 01-05-18

FIRE-EMS Causus 12-19-2017 Meeting minutes

CSFA Annual Legislative Committee Mtg List of Issues for 2018

Fire EMS Caucus Meeting 1-9-2018

January 9, 2018 – Meeting of the Fire EMS Caucus

Legislative Office Building, Room 1E, Hartford, CT
Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 10:00 a.m.

Meeting Agenda

    2. LABOR
    3. EMS


Rep. Pat Boyd (D-50)

Rep. Brian Ohler (R-64)

Fire EMS Caucus Meeting 12-19-2017

December 19, 2017 – First meeting of the Fire EMS Caucus

Legislative Office Building, Hartford, CT

Minutes of the 12-19-2017 meeting