CSFA Legislative Update – April 6, 2014 from Ted Schroll, Jr. with House Bill Status Report

As of this past Friday all committees are closed to any new legislation.  If bills have not had any committee action by this time, they are considered DEAD for this session.  I have noted these items on this week’s listing in case there are any questions.  I will be removing them from the list next week.  I have also added some new bills this week as some issues have appeared.  Those include:
H.B. #5290   (See explanation on list)
S.B. #29        Bonding Bill–The bonding sub-committee added $15,777,672.00 in new bond money for the Capital Improvement project for the Regional Fire Schools.
S.B. #235      Provisions of  H.B. #5288 (Road Chemical Study) were moved into this bill.
S.B. #269     Changes to alcoholic liquor permitting for those volunteer companies or departments that may have an interest.  You could get one permit for multiple events per year.
I mentioned the DEAD bills.  This means that the certain bill number is dead.  It is always possible that the same issue may rise in another bill as an amendment, similar to S.B. #235 & H.B. #5288 as noted above.
Activity this week included:
H.B. #5070, #5290, #5531, #5533, S.B. #100, #101, #235, #269, #426, & #427 were moved onto the calendar.
S.B. #29 & #100 were passed out of committee.
H.B. #5035 was referred from the House to the Appropriations committee.
The General Assembly will be in session on Wednesday & Thursday next week.  Email with any questions.


Ted Schroll Jr., Legislative Representative
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
703 Ridge Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109-2634


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