CSFA Legislative Update – April 28, 2014 from Ted Schroll, Jr.

I have added one new bill this week.  While scanning through some bills, I came across H. B. #5307.  If passed, it would exempt F.D.’s from the registration fees ($400) for chemical detectors that contain radioactive material.  On the flip side, I will be removing one of the bills next week.  H. B. #5580, which was one of the PSA Task Force bills was referred to the Appropriations committee and they deleted Sections 4-8, which referred to PSA Task Force recommendations.  However, H. B. #5542 which Mary-Ellen Harper has been supporting is still alive and well.  It is also in the Appropriations committee.  They have a meeting on Monday, and it is expected that #5542 will be voted out of committee and back to the calendar.  If any of you have not contacted your local legislator yet to support this bill, now would be the time.  You can contact Mary-Ellen Harper by email at harperm@farmington-ct.org to obtain legislative contact information.
Activity this week includes:
H. B. #5070, #5388, #5503, S. B. #29, #235, & #430 moved from committees to the Senate calendar.
H. B. #5290, #5307, & #5537 moved from committees to the House calendar.
H. B. #5150 & #5531 were passed in the House and moved to the Senate.
H. B. #5542 was referred to the Appropriations committee.
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